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O-Rings –
in all sizes and qualities

We offer a voluminous stock of o-rings in most sizes and each material. We were pleased to store your security stock. Test our delivery-possibilities and our prices.

  • Seal Properties:
    O-ring with circular cross-section t
  • Static Sealing:
    on static parts, for example covers, housings, flanges, bolts
  • Dynamic sealing (axial):
    rod and cylinder seals in hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Dynamic sealing (rotating)
    peripheral speed under optimum conditions, (with appropriate lubrication and heat dissipation) up to max. 5ms-1 / armature shaft, hinges / for small installation areas

Mouldings –
Several Materials

  • precision mouldings according to your drawings
  • constructions and  samples
  • in all common elastomers
  • elastomer-metal-compounds

Cut Seals –
in each forms and implementation

  • cut seals in each form and implementation
  • available in all common elastomers, plastics and even in materials like felt, paper, etc.
  • tolerances acoording to DIN 2609 and DIN 7715

Semifinished PTFE Products –
in various compositions

  • Semifinished PTFE products from pressed or  sintered PTFE compunds
  • PTFE-compunds available in various compositions like bronce, carbon, glass, etc.
  • Poles, tubes and sheats available in no time

Finished PTFE Products –
in top level precision and quality

  • manufactured according to your individual drawings in all common PTFE-compounds
  • manufactured on CNC-machines
  • top level precision and quality

Rotary Shaft Seals –
in various compositions


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